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 What People Are Saying


"ImagineNations is an inspired idea. It is based on the belief that not only do young adults in developing markets have much to gain by gaining greater access to capital, coaching and education but also that multilateral institutions, governments and the global marketplace itself has much to learn and benefit from the ideas, creativity and entrepreneurial spirit of tomorrow's global leaders."  

Sir David Bell
Former Chairman
Financial Times Group


"There is a growing understanding that solving the world's most serious problems will not be done by one single organization nor by one sector - public, private or civil society on its own. Much more can be achieved by drawing on the capabilities and resources of different sectors, in real partnership. ImagineNations Group is finding innovative ways to build such partnerships and engage millions of young adults in the process. It is playing a critically needed role in helping to ensure their voices and ideas are heard."  

Mary Robinson
Member, The Elders
Former President of Ireland
Former United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights  


"Employment is one of the most important issues facing young people in every region in the world. I am very pleased to partner with the ImagineNations Group to address this critical problem and to bring hope and opportunities to millions of young people. Helping our youth develop life skills, strong values, attitudes of self-discipline and moral courage is essential in assisting them in becoming productive adults, good global citizens and successful entrepreneurs." 

Amr Khaled
Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Right Start Foundation
Head, Programmes Development Department at ART (Arab Radio & Television)


"Over the next decade, more than one billion young people will enter the global labor market - the largest entry pool in history. Some experts predict, however, that based on current trends only about 300 million new jobs will be created during this same period. Furthermore, on average, about 70 percent of young people in the poorest countries are not in school past age 14. If they are not in school and there are few jobs in the formal economy, what are their options? Developing innovative new partnerships that provide young adults with access to financial services and products, including business coaching, savings, investments and loans will be absolutely essential to securing a more peaceful, prosperous and hopeful future."

Rick Little
President & CEO, ImagineNations Group
Founder, International Youth Foundation