ImagineNations' youth investment strategy provides a framework to significantly expand the opportunities for millions of young adults, especially adolescent girls and young women, to gain access to employment and livelihood through various incentives, business coaching and/or capital for their entrepreneurial ideas.

Through partnerships with youth leaders, commercial banks, private equity funds and investors, corporations, philanthropists, international organizations, governments and local NGOs, ImagineNations is developing a network of "access points" to opportunities - internships, apprenticeships, jobs, loan guarantees, capital and business coaching - for young people, ages 15-29. ImagineNations seeks to support and to build a menu of practical prospects for young people, providing them with the critical next step after they complete one of the many existing training and employability programs currently offered by youth organizations. ImagineNations is also targeting those young people who do not have access to or are unaware of the programs already in place.

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