Seeing Is Believing

Seeing Is Believing

The purpose of Seeing is Believing trips is to increase interest and investment - both charitable and business - in countries where both the opportunities and needs are great.

Investors, philanthropists, journalists-along with leaders of business, media, government and faith communities-participate in dynamic, intensive trips that stretch their minds, move their hearts and connect them to practical opportunities for investing their time, talent and resources.

These one- to two-week trips typically include 10-30 participants and a number have been organized by the ImagineNations Group in cooperation with alliance partners such as the Center for Corporate Citizenship at Boston College and Friends of Zambia.

In partnership with these organizations, for example, ImagineNations continues to lea several successful trips to Zambia and looks forward to continuing to build on the projects and momentum it has established. ImagineNations has also led a trip to China and envisions future trips to Indonesia and the Middle East.


Take a look at some of the amazing long-term impact these trips have made:

Dr. Jeffrey Colquhoun, an opthamologist from Battle Creek, Mich., first saw the tremendous need for improved eye care and the lack of facilities to treat vision problems in Zambia when he participated in one of ImagineNations' Seeing is Believing trips. As a result, he began working with a clinic, called the International Vision Volunteers, and eventually met Mercy Muzumara who had lost her sight due to advanced Stevens-Johnson Syndrome.

Blind mother seeing anew thanks to Hub 'miracle'

Quincy man hosts Zambian woman after eye surgery


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